What is the Lazlo Society?

The Lazlo Society is a fun and clever work of fiction inspired by the Beyond the Supernatural™ Role-Playing Game. A place where role-playing gamers can come and post adventure ideas and interact with one another as “fictional characters” right out of the Beyond the Supernatural™ game world. They can be psychics, paranormal investigators or ordinary people.


The idea is to create an interactive, perpetual adventure idea generator. Only it’s even cooler than that, because all the contributors are in character and can interact with one another, providing additional ideas, twists, turns and story elements (in character) as if it were really happening.


Not exactly online gaming, but a character based (and driven) pool of ongoing topics, discussions and ideas. A great example is the “Dog?” post by PSC27 that sends the reader to an article from Earthfiles.com in which a strange animal – possibly the elusive “Chupacabra” (long believed to be an urban myth) – has been shot and killed in Texas. A Game Master playing Beyond the Supernatural™ could take this and run with it in any number of directions.

  1. Could it be a Hell Hound that failed to discorporate properly?
  2. Is it some other supernatural creature?
  3. Or is it a genetic mutant?
  4. Or the work of dark magic that is physically warping the appearance and nature of ordinary coyotes?
  5. How many more “whatevers” (Hell Hounds, mutants, etc.) are out there?
    A live animal was seen running across the road and another one was shot and killed a month or so earlier; clearly there are several of these animals. What are they up to? Are they a small (or large) pack of simple Supernatural Predators or something more? Are they being controlled by a human or inhuman force and, if so, to what diabolical purpose? Or does the presence of the strange beast herald the coming of something worse? Get the idea?

    Note: And whatever adventure ideas one might get from this strange animal mystery, in this case, it is a GREAT example of how the real world media and authorities respond to the strange and unexplained – mainly they slap an easy explanation on it (“coyote with rabies”), and otherwise dismiss and ignore it. There are many examples in real life of the classic disinterest, runaround, and cavalier attitude of the authorities and the media, and the quick, easy answer from the scientific community (without an actual investigation). All wonderful fuel for role-playing in Beyond the Supernatural™, and this is just ONE example. Why not add your own ideas?

Beyond the Supernatural™ is a traditional pen and paper role-playing game that requires the game book, dice and multiple players. If you are not familiar with role-playing games, you might want to go to the Palladium Books® website at www.palladiumbooks.com.


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