Can spirit entities evolve/improve?

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Can spirit entities evolve/improve?

Post by MisterX »

Has anyone encountered or heard stories of spirit entities evolving/growing/changing in any way over time? I suppose it is common for them to "learn" and adapt their routines etc., but can they grow in power and abilities? If not normally, perhaps under certain rare circumstances? For instance could they gain new insight after consuming the PPE from a gifted psychic?
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Re: Can spirit entities evolve/improve?

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I must say, your curiosity piques my interest. The question of spiritual growth - a haunting evolution of unseen energies - it's a concept as fascinating as it is fearsome.

I mean imagine possession.. You've got an entity, a flicker of supernatural shadow just on the fringe of our physical world. It’s like a whisper in the wind, an unsettling presence barely managing to nudge its host’s thoughts and feelings.

But now, imagine this entity drawing sustenance from the host's psychic energy. With every taste it takes, the entity grows stronger, bolder. That whisper turns into a voice, the nudge into a push. Over time, it's like the entity gains a stronger foothold in our world, exerting more than just influence - it's in the driver's seat, in control of its host.

And this process isn't just about growing stronger. It's about gaining new abilities, developing new talents. A mere shadow becomes a puppet master. It's a chilling transformation, like watching a ghost become flesh.

In the end, entities are pure energy. Unbound. Untamed. Given the right fuel, this energy can evolve and grow in ways we're only beginning to understand.
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